We’re in the business of empowering entrepreneurs to take that first step.

With $10,000 and a laptop, David Nilssen and Jeremy Ames started Guidant Financial in the fall of 2003. Their initial desire to help friends use retirement funds to invest in real estate soon evolved into a full-fledged mission to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams of small business ownership.

Since then, we’ve made a name for ourselves as the industry leader of innovative small business financing.

Our staff is made up of experts who help everyday people fund small businesses and franchises through a full suite of funding solutions, which include SBA loans; unsecured loans; portfolio loans; and equipment leasing, plus Rollovers as Business Start-ups (ROBS). In fact, we structure more ROBS arrangements each year than any other provider in the space and boast a spotless IRS track record.

Put simply: We love supporting entrepreneurs.

We feel the same way about our employees.

Each member of our team should feel as empowered as the entrepreneurs they’re helping. We encourage them to think outside the box and design their own career path, complete with educational opportunities and coaching available. In doing so, we’ve built a culture that embraces the spirit of family and encourages a fun workplace.

In fact, when we polled our staff a few years ago, asking them what words they would use to describe Guidant, the top two responses were “family “ and “fun,” so we decided to make a Wordle from all of their answers. This is now a framed display in our lobby.

With our sincere admiration for our clients, partners and employees, we make our vision “To Fuel the American Dream through Entrepreneurship” a reality.




Our Mission: To increase the number of people who succeed in small business.

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