[Video] 4 Lessons for Business Start-ups: 'What I Wish I Knew Then'

They say hindsight is 20/20. That’s why we asked four Seattle-area entrepreneurs to share the most valuable lessons they’ve learned over their years in business that they wish they would’ve known when they started. Here’s what they had to say:

No time for a quick video? Here’s the transcript:

Jordan Ritter (Co-founder of Napster, Founder of Ivy Softworks): “My growth, evolution and my improvement has come from the experience of encountering things I’d never seen before; trying and failing; rebuilding and attempting again.”

David Niu (CEO & Founder, TINYpulse): “It’s OK to pay a little bit more — to stretch a little higher — to bring on those great [employees]. The advantage that they’re going to [bring to the business] is not just [worth] one person, but they’re worth three or four, or maybe even 100 people, because of the way they think, and in terms of how they inspire others and drive the business.”

David Nilssen (CEO and Co-founder, Guidant Financial): “Most people get energy from working in their genius zone. If you allow yourself, as an entrepreneur, to do that, and then build a team of people who get energy from the things that you’re not great at, that’s how successful teams are built.”

Ben Elowitz (Co-founder of Blue Nile and Wetpaint): “No business I’ve ever been a part of is going to succeed on the basis of me. They’re all going to succeed on the basis of a whole team of people working together.”

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