5 Small Businesses Ideas Perfect to Start During Spring

Spring has sprung and with the fresh, new season comes the desire for entrepreneurs to start a small business. Here are five small business ideas that are perfect to start during spring.

Spring has sprung and with the fresh, new season comes the desire for entrepreneurs to start a small business. Have you always wanted to hit the road with a food truck, sell flowers and provide floral arrangements from a flower cart at the farmer’s market, or even hang out with four-legged friends by offering your services as a dog walker? There’s no time quite like the present to get your business started — here are five ideas that are spring-approved.

1. Open Up a Food Truck

Take your meals on wheels! If you have a passion for cooking, a food truck makes for a great small business, especially for entrepreneurs on the go. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to simply whip up a batch of tacos, pull up to a college campus and start selling them to customers. You will need to purchase a food truck first, perfect your recipes and source the ingredients, incorporate the business, and have it inspected. Additionally, make sure you take of legal details like understanding parking restrictions, following health code procedures, filing for necessary permits and licenses, and getting insured.

2. Become a Pet Sitter

Why send the pets to the kennel when you can offer your pet sitting services? One major requirement here is that you must love dogs, cats, and any other furry friend that you’re looking after since you will be held responsible for their well-being. You may also need to come recommended or with established credentials before you’re able to look after pets full-time. If you’re not sure the business will be able to sustain itself beyond the spring and summer months, consider joining an app like Wag or Rover and acting as a gig worker instead.

3. Teach Exercise Courses

With summer just around the corner from spring, many people will be focused on getting beach-ready for their upcoming vacations. If you happen to be have a passion for fitness and are well-versed in a specific type of workout, consider becoming an instructor for a yoga class or coaching little league. You may even want to take it a step further by investing in a fitness franchise like Pure Barre or Orangetheory Fitness. As a franchise owner, you’ll be investing into a brand that has nationwide recognition and offers a low risk approach to becoming a small business owner.

4. Go Brick and Mortar with a Flower Shop Storefront

If you have a green thumb, take the flowers grown in your garden and offer them up for sale. Depending on the type of business you’d like to have, you can start off selling flowers and plants at a local farmer’s market as a side hustle or go full-time with your own storefront where additional services be provided, like floral arrangements.

5. Become a Private Tutor

As students finish up their last semester of the school year, they’ll need a tutor to guide them through studying for final exams and writing reports. If you excelled in a specific subject, you may want to offer your services as a freelance or private tutor for local students in need of extra help.

Remember — if your spring business takes off and is able to become its own full-time company, it’s a good idea to incorporate or form an LLC. This helps to separate your professional and personal assets and legitimizes the entity, giving you the credibility you need to succeed.

If you’re ready to start putting one of these ideas into motion, Guidant can help you find the money you need to get started. Pre-qualify today to find out how much you’re eligible for.

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