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How Do I Buy an Existing Small Business?

By: Guidant Financial | July 30, 2019

Steps to Buy a Small Business: When you’ve found the business you want to buy, assess the business environment that it will be operating in. Understand what makes the business successful so that you can replicate that success. Perform due diligence with an accountant, lawyer, and other

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How to Secure Funding for a Small Business

By: Justin Song | July 2, 2019

Nearly every small business requires financial assistance. From purchasing real estate and equipment to hiring employees, very few business owners have the capital to fund their businesses on their own. However, it can be unclear how to go about securing financing. What are your options? What

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What is a Portfolio Loan for Small Business?

By: Guidant Financial | March 28, 2019

What if you could access your stocks, bonds, or mutual funds – without selling them – to borrow money to start a business? You don’t have to wonder any longer: you can. Portfolio loans are a fast and flexible option that leverage your stocks, bonds and other eligible securities. With

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