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What Are ROBS Prohibited Transactions?

By: Guidant Financial | August 23, 2019

Top Tips to Avoid Common Prohibited Transactions Always act in the 401(k) plan’s best interest. Don’t pay yourself an excessive salary. Your wages should be within market for your role. Don‘t use any business property for personal use. Don’t let your spouse or family use any

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How to Start a Lawn Care Business

By: Guidant Financial | February 22, 2019

For many, having a home with a lawn is part of the American dream. Yet with that comes the need for lawn care, a task more and more homeowners are outsourcing to professionals. If you enjoy being outdoors, working with people and have an inkling to be your own boss, starting a lawn care business

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The 4 Best Small Business Funding Methods

By: Guidant Financial | January 8, 2019

Before you can fling open the doors on your franchise or go live with the app for your start-up, you’ll need to make sure you have your funds ready and available. If you’re like some entrepreneurs, you’ll finance your dream venture by dipping into your personal cash reserves, and then apply

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