Buying business equipment can be a costly endeavor for your clients, and it can quickly drain a large portion of their working capital. But by utilizing an equipment leasing program, clients can preserve their credit while still having access to the most technologically advanced equipment.

Equipment leasing terms are usually two to five years with fixed payments, and interest rates range between 8.5 percent – 20 percent, based on the borrower’s credit history and equipment type. Plus, equipment leasing programs boast fast approval times, with candidates normally receiving approval in 48 hours.


Low Deposits

Typically only the first and last payments are needed upfront.

No use of proceeds requirements

Clients can postpone payments for up to 90 days.


Variable, depending on whether it’s a new or existing business and the borrower’s credit history. Contact your Account Manager to learn more.


Equipment leasing programs can close in as little as three weeks.


  • 620+ credit score for start-ups
  • 550+ credit score for existing businesses
  • Less than 50 percent credit utilization

Why choose Guidant?

Guidant provides affordable equipment leasing programs to give your clients access to the equipment they need while saving them money. Our experienced consultants can guide candidates through this small business financing option and form a flexible repayment program with fixed rates that meets their budget.

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