Securing an SBA loan is faster with our Working Capital loan.

Loans from the Small Business Administration offer a low-interest, low-risk method of business financing, but they can take around 90 days to finalize. If your candidates need access to smaller investment amounts more quickly, SBA Working Capital loans can bridge the gap while providing the same benefits of a traditional SBA loan.

Working Capital loans are a simple financing solution for entrepreneurs needing $25,000 – $150,000 to start operating their business. These loans provide the same government guarantee and low interest rates as traditional SBA loans, but they can close in as little as 45 days.


No Collateral Necessary

Working capital loans are secured by business assets rather than the business owner’s personal property.

Lower Capital Injection

Unlike other loans that require 20 – 30 percent capital, Working Capital loans only need 10 percent down.


On average, Guidant can close Working Capital loans in approximately 45 days. However, your client’s timeline can be affected by many factors, such as site location, urgency to fund the loan, etc.


We charge a $2,500 packaging fee per loan. Working Capital loans also have a slightly higher interest rate than traditional 7(a) loans.


  • A 690+ credit score.
  • No bankruptcies within three years.
  • At least a 10 percent equity injection.
  • Paid franchise fee prior to loan.

Why use Guidant?

Guidant offers the tools needed to simplify the loan process for you and your candidates. With our proprietary pre-qualification process, your clients can quickly determine their eligibility for a loan without having to submit an entire application. Plus, we boast a network of more than 3,600 lenders, heightening the chances that your candidates will receive multiple LOIs, allowing them to choose the deal that’s best for them.

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