Helps individuals secure financing without putting personal collateral on the line.

Unsecured loans are one of the few loans in the marketplace fulfilling lower investment amounts (up to $150,000). Rather than relying on personal collateral, these loans require solid credit scores, but can be a good fit for candidates who may not qualify for an SBA loan. Unsecured loans are simply multiple lines of credit that are issued in both business and personal names. Because this type of a loan doesn’t require collateral, you can expect your client to pay higher interest rates in the long run than conventional loans.


Don’t jeopardize personal assets

No need to put your home or other property on the line. This loan is secured by your credit score, not how much you own.

No use of proceeds requirements

Funds can be for working capital, marketing, payroll, franchise fees, equipment or just for extra cushion.


Unsecured loans are one of the quicker small business financing options. Most deals close within three weeks or less.


If your client is approved for an unsecured loan, we charge a 9 percent flat rate.


  • Minimal credit inquiries (no more than two per bureau in the last six months).
  • No recent derogatory comments on credit report (bill collectors, late payments, tax liens or judgments, etc.).
  • 690+ credit score.
  • Credit utilization rate below 50 percent.

Why choose Guidant?

Our unsecured loan clients secure an average of $104,000 in small business financing over 45 days. Experts in helping individuals access the capital they need to buy and expand their small business or franchise, we strive to make the journey to financing as smooth as possible, allowing your candidates to invest their energy in their new venture rather than minute details.

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