Funding Assurance

We take funding seriously here at Guidant — so much so that we’ve implemented programs to help us guarantee financing for all of your clients or we work for free. We call it Funding Assurance™.

Originally focused on helping individuals acquire new businesses, Guidant has made the strategic decision to expand our services by partnering with MultiFunding. These collaborations allow us to offer financing solutions to all entrepreneurs, no matter where they’re at in the business lifecycle. Whether your clients are starting their first business, opening their third store or looking for crisis capital, we can provide the options they need to succeed.


proprietary pre-qualification system icon

Proprietary pre-qualification system

We offer tools early in the financing process to determine whether or not your candidates are eligible for financing. This includes:


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A single point of contact

We feel communication is key to providing top notch customer service. That’s why we assign you and your candidates the same dedicated Account Manager. Your Account Manager will provide updates as your clients hit major milestones throughout the funding process.


expanded financing solutions

Expanded financing solutions for new and existing businesses

Through our partnership with loan advisory MultiFunding, we now have exclusive access to their loan services, allowing us to provide financing solutions not only to new entrepreneurs but also existing business owners.


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Guaranteed results

If we can’t help your qualified candidates secure financing, we work for free. That includes a 100 percent money-back guarantee on all SBA loans.


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