The Guidant Grade is a systematic, measurable

approach to prioritizing the leads in your queue.

At Guidant, we’re focused on the constant growth and improvement of the financing process. For you, that means listening to your feedback and providing new tools to help you do your job more effectively. For your leads, it means providing excellent customer service and helping secure the perfect financing solution for each individual.

We automatically grade every lead with a proven algorithm that measures an individual’s financial strength, helping you decide which leads require your attention first and what type of financing conversation is necessary. And don’t worry — we’ll still go the extra mile for every lead, regardless of their score.




High Quality

This candidate is highly likely to secure financing. While we recommend early pre-qualification, feel free to assess their funding options and capacity as you see fit.


Good Quality

This candidate is likely to secure financing, but we suggest having them pre-qualify sooner rather than later to assess their funding capacity and specific options.


Moderate Quality

This candidate is moderately likely to secure financing. Pre-qualify them as soon as possible to better assess their funding capacity and which options are available to them.


We know you’re juggling multiple priorities and time-sensitive elements. Let us take the load off with the new Guidant Grade.

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