A serial entrepreneur, David has successfully launched a number of companies over the last 15 years within financing, digital media, real estate development and business services. He’s also an active angel investor who has helped seed companies in neuropharma, online travel, personal financial management, medical billing, technology and more.

David Nilssen, CEO, Guidant Financial

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Terry Powell, Founder, The Entrepreneur's Source

A leader and entrepreneur, Terry Powell has 30 years in the business coaching profession and founded The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES), a business coaching service, and developed AdviCoach, a coaching advisory service. He has a unique ability as an Entrepreneur to envision the possibilities, creating dreams with bigger stakes and rewards.

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Meet the Franchisor Webcast

An Intro to Big Frog, Wild Birds Unlimited, Waxing the City & Pinot's Palette

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Thinking about franchising? Hear what makes each brand unique and get all of your franchise questions answered as representatives from top franchise brands Big Frog, Wild Birds Unlimited, Waxing the City & Pinot's Palette come together.  They provide an overview of their brands, followed by frequently asked questions about franchising.

This webcast covers:

Meet Big Frog, Wild Birds Unlimited, Waxing the City & Pinot's Palette.




Initial investment information and statistics about each brand.

An introduction to franchise brands Big Frog, Wild Birds Unlimited, Waxing the City and Pinot's Palette.

What makes each brand unique and why it might be the right franchise for you.

You should watch this webcast if you're interested in franchise ownership but don't know which brand to invest in. We'll help you peel back the layers of the franchise world so you can find your ideal franchise. We’ll also walk through Guidant’s full suite of financing options, including 401(k) financing and SBA loans, so you can fund your franchise.

The Franchise Brands

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