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As the Down Payment on a Business Loan

You'll Learn:

The tax law that allows use of your retirement funds to buy a business.
How 401(k) business funding and SBA business loans work together to increase your budget.
Helpful tips to quality for each funding program.
Why working with Guidant is your quickest path to small business ownership.





Learn how to
Use your retirement funds as a down payment on a loan
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Guidant Financial - Small Business Funding

Manage your loan payment and maximize your project budget by combining 401(k) business funding with an SBA Loan

eBook: How to Use Your Retirement Funds

If you’re considering funding your business with an SBA loan, check out our eBook to learn more about how you can make your down payment using your retirement funds so you can keep your savings intact.  

Fortunately, you can use your retirement funds tax penalty-free to make the down payment using what’s called a Rollover for Business Start-up.

SBA loans require a 20 – 30 percent down payment, which can be difficult for small business owners to afford out-of-pocket.

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