A serial entrepreneur, David has successfully launched a number of companies over the last 15 years within financing, digital media, real estate development and business services. He’s also an active angel investor who has helped seed companies in neuropharma, online travel, personal financial management, medical billing, technology and more.

David Nilssen, CEO, Guidant Financial

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Terry Powell, Founder, The Entrepreneur's Source

A leader and entrepreneur, Terry Powell has 30 years in the business coaching profession and founded The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES), a business coaching service, and developed AdviCoach, a coaching advisory service. He has a unique ability as an Entrepreneur to envision the possibilities, creating dreams with bigger stakes and rewards.

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The 6 "F Words" That Cause New Franchisees to Fail

Learn how to
Set yourself up for Success
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Hear Terry Powell, Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source, and David Nilssen, CEO of Guidant Financial, partner up to walk through the six "F Words" that lead to misconceptions and common mistakes franchisees make before they open their doors.

You'll Learn:

The 6 "F Words" Every Franchisee Must Master to be Successful




The 6 "F Words" - Franchise Model, Franchise Brand, Financial Motivations, Financing, Friends & Family, and Fear.

Quick intro into the benefits of franchising vs. starting an independent business.

Tips and strategies for avoiding missteps when dealing with the six "F Words"

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You should watch this webcast because there's no doubt franchising is a great way to start your first successful small business. But time and time again, new franchisees end up failing by letting six "F Words" get the best of them. Properly addressing these "F Words" can be the difference between expanding or battling to be profitable.