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Client Success Video: Beach House Miracles | Video

Video Transcription


Everything has got to be cleaned up, Flooring is coming in, in a few days. My name is Mike Mayhew, I own Beach House Miracles. Good, that door came in. Here at Beach House Miracles we can do anything from just doing a kitchen, just doing a bathroom or most often we go into a condo that’s 40 years old, tear it completely down to all of the concrete and start over with everything being new.

Typically a client is referred to us, we get their information, find out when they are available to meet, the kinds of things that they want to do. After we schedule that appointment we overnight this package to them so they’ll have it in advance.

There is a letter to them introducing the company, there is a report that is how to choose the right contractor. It basically goes through all of the things that they should be looking for in a contractor. There is commercial about our warranty, pictures of previous projects that we’ve done.


My name is Chrissy Mayhew and I’m with Beach House Miracles. I do most of the admin, but I work a lot with the clients in the initial stages, helping just to be that line of communication with them during the process.

The best thing about being a business owner is you can really create what you want. A lot of times when you work for other people it’s their dreams, it’s the way they want to run the business. You are not as flexible to be able to do the things you want to do.

Raising a family was very important to me and when your own business, yes you wear many hats and you are involved in a lot of different things, aspects of running the business. But if I wanted to go to my sons’ games or if I wanted to be at a field trip with them, I was able to be able to take that time that I wanted to spend with them.


Advice I would give to a new business is to understand one thing, the product that you provide is probably a commodity and everybody has it. The difference between being successful and not being successful is being able to provide an experience for your client. Anyone can build a condo, not anyone can make building a condo fun.


Basically I had a 401K from a previous job and Mike did as well. When we decided to come down to the beach fulltime to make this a fulltime opportunity for us, we really didn’t have the funds to start it out. Our accountant had recommended checking in to Guidant.


My accountant said, “Look, I don’t know how they do it but I know that Guidant has done work for about 12 of my clients. So call them and let them take care of it.” So I did, I called Guidant and Guidant took care of everything.


One of the wonderful things with Guidant because they are so organized and they are constantly making sure that you have everything you need to do. A couple of years ago my dad had ended up in hospital for several months and it was right at a very pivotal time when some of the documentation had to be in, I just couldn’t deal with it.

So, months went by and they are notifying me and then the next week and then finally I get a phone call and they are like, “Chrissy, we’re just wondering if there is anything we can do to help you or something is going on because you are usually very on top of it. We send it out and usually in 2 days it’s done and is there something we can help you out with?” I explained to them what was happening with my dad, that I was virtually living at the hospital day and night.

They got everything filed on time, I didn’t have to pay any penalties, it was all done, it took a huge relief off of me because it was just such a stressful time in my life. That’s the kind of customer service, you really don’t get from most people. They were very compassionate, they were very understanding and again, it was they just walk you through everything.


I guess the thing I’m most proud of is the fact that all of our clients remain friends with us. Each year through our warranty we go back and check to make sure everything is still in a good shape at the start of the season and for that I’m pretty proud.

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