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Determining the Value of a Business Can Be Overwhelming

Understanding the true value of a business is one of the most important aspects of making key financial decisions. Getting the value wrong can mean paying more or selling for less than a business is worth. But with the right information and the right guidance you can make these decisions with confidence.

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Business Valuations

What’s a Business Worth?
Determining the value of a small business or franchise isn’t easy. It’s not a standard metric found on a P&L or balance sheet, and free online calculators come up short. While a Certified Business Appraisal is an all-encompassing solution, in most situations it is more robust (and therefore more expensive) than necessary.

Determine the Value & Save Money
Put our expertise to work for you! Just complete a short survey, and one of our valuation professionals will review your information and walk you through your estimated business valuation within a couple business days.

For $495, here is what you will receive as part of your business valuation:

  • Estimated Business Valuation
  • In-dept Industry Report
  • Financing Assessment
  • Dedicated Valuation Specialist

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Here’s How to Get Started

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Within a couple business days your valuation will be delivered, and our experts will answer any questions.
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Whether buying, selling, or insuring, you will confidently understand what a business is worth with an estimated business valuation.

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What’s Included in Your Business Valuation

Valuation Report

Valuation Methods Include:

Asset Approach

Capitalization of Earnings

Discounted Cash Flow

Market Approach

EBITDA Multiple Method

Estimated Business Valuation

What’s Included?


Valuation Report + Supporting Materials

Supporting Materials

Tools & Resources Include:

Industry Report

Financing Assessment

Funding Qualification

Valuation Education

Customized business valuation report featuring five valuation methods, plus Guidant’s proprietary estimated business value.

In-depth industry report to see how your industry is trending.

Business funding assessment to see available funding options.

Access to a valuation expert to help you understand the different methods for assessing a business’s value.

Personal funding qualification by an expert financing consultant.

The Business Valuation Methods

The methods for calculating a business’s value depend on the business and scenario. We make sure to explain them in clear language so you feel knowledgeable about how to influence you business value in the future.

Weighted Estimated Value

The weighted value is a mix of the five other methods. Calculated with a weighted valuation formula.

Asset Approach

The asset method estimates price based on the value of the business’s assets minus liabilities.

Market Approach

The market method uses the previous sale prices of comparable business to estimate value.

Discounted Cash Flow

The discounted cash flow method is based on the future value of a business translated into today’s money, using a discount rate.

Capitalization of Earnings

The capitalized of earnings method is based on the future value of today’s earnings, using a capitalization rate.

EBITDA Multiple

The EBITDA method calculates the business’s potential value ceiling.

Here’s How the Process Works

Step 1

Gather Business Financials

After signing up, you will receive an email to take the business valuation survey. To help us generate an estimated value, it’s important you provide us with the most precise financial information possible. Please have your most recent profit & loss statement, federal tax returns from the last three years and a current balance sheet and income statement handy. To make it easy, we created a guide highlighting the information we need.

Step 2

Take the Business Valuation Survey

Next, fill out the business valuation survey, which should take less than 10 minutes if you have the above documents handy or have filled out the guide. Only once you have completed the survey do we require payment. Once we receive your payment, a dedicated valuation specialist will review your information to ensure we have everything we need to complete your business valuation.

Step 3

We Produce Your Business Valuation

Once you have made your payment, we’ll begin working on your business valuation. This will take us a couple business days. Once complete, you’ll receive a link to a secure folder where you can download your estimated business valuation, funding assessment and industry report. You will then have the option of scheduling time for us to walk you through the reports.

Step 4

Continued Support

With your business valuation delivered, we’ll walk you through the different valuation methods used to ensure you have a solid understanding of the business’s estimated value. If you had a business valuation done because you are looking to buy or sell a business, one of our financing consultants can also help you understand the best way to finance a purchase or see if a buyer is qualified.

Looking to Sell Your Business?

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Seller Suite – Tools to Help Sell Your Business
For business owners looking to sell, getting a business valuation is just the first step. Actually selling the business can drag on for months, if not years. Between finding a buyer with suitable finances and engaging them with professional content, the process can be challenging. But with Seller Suite, you can sell with confidence.

Here is what you will receive from Seller Suite in addition to the business valuation:

  • Business Valuation for Buyers
  • Shareable Flier
  • Buyer Funding Qualification
  • Business Summary Webpage
  • Asking Price Assessment
  • Ongoing Support Until You Sell

Guidant Financial helps over 8,000 current business owners value their businesses each year. Put our expertise to work for your business by allowing us to help value your company.