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Use Your 401(k)/IRA | No Tax Penalty | Expert Guidance

Invest your retirement funds into the business of your dreams using a Rollover for Business Start-up arrangement.

For over a decade, our 401(k) business financing service has helped entrepreneurs fund small businesses and franchises. Through an arrangement called Rollovers for Business Start-ups (ROBS), you can invest your funds from an eligible retirement account into a small business or franchise without taking a taxable distribution or getting a loan. Whether you want to buy an existing business, start one from scratch or grow one you currently have, ROBS could provide a significant part of your capital injection.

401k business financing process

It’s simple and easy

Guidant’s team of experts has helped more than 10,000 entrepreneurs invest $3 billion in retirement assets into small businesses and franchises. We strive to make the journey to financing simple and straightforward, and we take it a step further by eliminating uncertainty.

Most plans qualify

  • 401(k)
  • 403(b)
  • Traditional IRA
  • Keogh
  • TSP
  • SEP


A Quicker Path to Profitability

Starting your business debt-free will lower your overhead and eliminate risking your home equity. Without loan interest to pay, you can make money sooner rather than later.

Tax-deferred Savings

Since you won’t have to take a taxable distribution using this structure, you can save more for retirement.

Confidence in Your Investment

Unlike the stock market, this is an investment you can control. Essentially, you’re investing in yourself — and we’re betting that you’re a good risk.

Peace of Mind

This tried-and-true structure is a fast, legal funding option that’s been in use since the Employee Retirement Income Security Act became a law in 1974.

Common Questions

I’ve never heard of this, are Rollovers for Business Start-ups new?

The ROBS structure isn’t new — it’s been an option for years — but many financial advisors and stock brokers aren’t aware of these investments because they don’t provide sufficient profit for their institutions.

Is it legal?

Absolutely. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) passed the responsibility of retirement saving from the employer to the employee.

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