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[Infographic] Industry Report: Craft Breweries

Lifestyle | Small Business

Something is brewing in American cities and towns: Craft breweries and brewpubs serving small-batch hoppy IPAs, crisp lagers and malty amber ales. And these fine-quality adult beverages aren’t just ...

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July 19, 2016

How You Can Leverage a Business Line of Credit

Finance | Small Business

Just like with personal credit, there is a right way and a wrong way to use a line of credit for your business. Done wrong, using that line can add incremental stress to your cash flow and ...

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July 14, 2016

[Webcast] How to Pick a Top-Performing Franchise

Entrepreneurs | Franchise | Guidant Financial | Lifestyle | Small Business

Steve Nilssen, Guidant’s Senior Financing Consultant, sat down with franchise expert Tom Scarda to discuss how future small business owners can pick a top-performing franchise as their new venture. ...

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July 12, 2016
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Top LinkedIn Strategies for Small Business Hiring

Entrepreneurs | Small Business

By Susan Solovic, THE Small Business Expert It’s become a common complaint: Small business hiring is difficult due to a lack of good and readily available talent. At the heart of this issue ...

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July 07, 2016
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Celebrating Our (Financial) Independence

Clients | Rollovers for Business Start-ups | Small Business

As we celebrate the independence and freedoms afforded to us as Americans, we also reflect on the American dream pursued by 28 million small business owners each year. After a successful ...

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July 04, 2016

How to Hire the Right Attorney for Your Small Business

Entrepreneurs | Leadership | Small Business

By Susan Solovic, THE Small Business Expert Money is typically tight when your small business is getting started. It’s smart to examine every expense and look for ways to reduce unnecessary ...

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June 30, 2016

[Infographic] Industry Report: Frozen Yogurt Shops

Entrepreneurs | Franchise | Small Business

Last time you went on an evening walk to find a cool treat in summer, you likely ended up at a frozen yogurt shop. This is due in large part to the fact that the number of frozen yogurt stores has ...

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June 28, 2016
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[Video] Guidant Financial Named One of Washington's 100 Best Companies to Work For

Guidant Financial | Leadership

We’re excited to announce that Guidant Financial has again been named one of Seattle Business Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. So, what makes working at Guidant great? Here’s our team ...

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June 24, 2016

Finding Success and Fulfillment Working with Family

Entrepreneurs | Guidant Financial | Leadership | Lifestyle | Small Business

By Devin Miller, Executive Vice President of Guidant Financial How boisterous is the dynamic around your family table during the holidays?  Perhaps some discussions turn to disagreements or ...

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June 23, 2016

10 Tips for Hiring and Retaining Top Talent

Entrepreneurs | Lifestyle | Small Business

The expenses associated with expanding your small business's team can quickly add up. While the investment is worthwhile, the time and resources required to recruit and train new employees ...

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June 21, 2016

Survey Says: Small Business Owners are Undecided in 2016 Presidential Race

Clients | Entrepreneurs | Guidant Financial | Lifestyle | Small Business

Guidant Financial recently partnered with MyCorporation to conduct a survey of over 1,000 small business owners on the 2016 presidential election. Donald Trump fared well with entrepreneurs, ...

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June 16, 2016
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[Video] Small Business Success: ROBS 101

Entrepreneurs | Franchise | Guidant Financial | Rollovers for Business Start-ups

Small Business Success: ROBS 101 David Nilssen, serial entrepreneur and Guidant Financial’s CEO and co-founder, shares how each year thousands of entrepreneurs start a business debt free. David ...

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June 14, 2016

Small Business Funding Strategies for Baby Boomers

Entrepreneurs | Finance | Retirement | Rollovers for Business Start-ups | Small Business

By John Tarnoff, career reinvention coach for baby boomers Summer is right around the corner and the kids will be on break soon. Life may slow down enough for you to seriously consider launching ...

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June 09, 2016

[Infographic] Industry Report: Gym and Fitness Franchises

Entrepreneurs | Franchise | Guidant Financial | Small Business

Guidant Financial named the health, fitness and beauty trade as one of small business's hottest industries. Here, we take a closer look at one particular segment that offers outstanding potential in ...

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June 07, 2016
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Guidant CEO Quoted in Mutual of Omaha’s ‘Cash Flow’ Article

Finance | Guidant Financial | Small Business

Mutual of Omaha compiled the advice of business owners and experts to share a fresh perspective on how to maintain a healthy cash flow for small businesses. Our CEO and co-founder, David Nilssen, was ...

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June 03, 2016
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You can also combine Rollovers for Business Start-ups with other solutions.

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Portfolio Loans

Take advantage of this securities-based credit line option that has zero credit requirements.

Unsecured Loans

Utilize this fast method of funding, which requires no collateral to qualify.

Equipment Leasing

Avoid the hassle of purchasing equipment for your business and enjoy the flexibility of leasing.

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