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CPAs & Financial Professionals

We're better together.

Whether you’re a CPA, a financial advisor or an attorney, if your client’s ready to make the leap into small business ownership, you’ll want to refer them to someone you can trust. At Guidant Financial, we strive to be that reliable partner, providing candid advice and excellent customer service to both you and your clients.

Full Suite of Funding Services

We offer a variety of business financing options, most of which can be combined to produce the total amount of desired franchise funding.

Corporate Maintenance


Debt-free financing using retirement funds, with no tax penalties.

Easy Qualification

SBA Loans

Clients can borrow up to $5 million in capital with this traditional loan.

Unsecured Loans

Those who need fast funding may want to utilize this method, which requires no collateral to qualify.

Portfolio Loans

This securities-based credit line option has zero credit requirements.

Equipment Leasing

Clients can avoid the hassle of purchasing equipment enjoy the flexibility of leasing.

What Happens When You Partner with Guidant?


Partner Refers Candidates

You can refer candidates through our Partner Center!


Consultation Scheduled

Candidates are contacted by a Guidant specialist to schedule a consultation.


Consult with Financing Executive

Candidate receives a consultation with a senior financing executive.


Ongoing Support During Cultivation

Candidates receive Guidant's industry-famous resources and support.


Funding Process Begins

Guidant helps manage candidate preparations and expectations while keeping partners in the loop.


Funding Timeline Confirmation

Partner is kept in the loop throughout the expected funding timeline.

Why Lenders Love Partnering With Us

High Quality Service

Guidant forms a corporation on your client’s behalf, and then creates a 401(k) plan for that new business.

No Conflict of Interest

We respect your line of business and will discuss only the funding programs with which you’re comfortable.

Conservative Nature

Guidant is serious about keeping our ROBS structures correct and compliant, every step of the way. 

Regular Communication

From weekly status update emails to regular check-ins, we’ll keep you apprised of your candidates’ progress.

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