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Work Life Balance

Finding Your Work-Life Balance

Entrepreneurship | Management

As a business owner, finding the perfect work-life balance is akin to finding a unicorn. Though challenging, there are tricks to finding harmony between the office and home.

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January 17, 2017
5 Rising C Corps

5 Rising C Corps to Watch Out For in 2017

Small Business

MyCorp CEO, Deborah Sweeney takes a closer look at five C corporations that made waves in 2016 and why they should be kept on your radar in 2017.

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January 12, 2017
Industry Report: Gym and Fitness Franchises

[Infographic] Overview of the Gym and Fitness Industry

Entrepreneurship | Franchising

Guidant Financial takes an in-depth look at the fitness franchise industry, which offers outstanding potential for small business thanks to high demand.

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January 10, 2017
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  • How Scheduling Laws Affect Small Business

    What Small Businesses Need to Know About New ‘Secure Scheduling’ Laws

    Small Business

    New secure scheduling laws are beginning to gain traction. Intended for companies with more than 500 employees, small businesses will be affected.

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    January 05, 2017
    Resolutions for Small Business Owners

    5 New Year’s Resolutions for Business Owners

    Entrepreneurship | Small Business

    There are small changes you can make in your operations, with employees and for customers that can put you on the path to success in 2017.

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    December 28, 2016
    Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

    3 Characteristics Shared by Successful Entrepreneurs


    Learn more about the three traits that successful entrepreneurs have in common, which contribute to the long-term health of their businesses.

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    December 21, 2016
    Motivate your Team with an End of Year Bonus

    How to Motivate Your Team with an End of Year Bonus

    Small Business

    Susan Solovic discusses the advantages for small business owners of moving their team from an annual salary raise to a more flexible bonus structure.

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    December 14, 2016
    End of the year prep for small businesses

    Prepping Your Small Business for the End of the Year

    Holiday and year-end success for small business requires preparation. Here’s a checklist of items to consider as you get all your ducks in a row:

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    December 06, 2016
    Comparing Debt and Equity Financing for Small Business Funding

    An Honest Comparison of Equity Financing vs. Debt Financing Solutions

    From debt financing to equity financing, there are funding solutions to fit almost every business budget. Here’s a comparison of the top 4 common financing methods for small business.

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    November 30, 2016
    Everything You Need to Know About Your Small Business Credit Score

    Everything You Need to Know About Your Small Business Credit Score

    Small Business

    Learn how your Small Business Credit Score, or SBSS, has an impact on your application to obtain a small business loan.

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    November 17, 2016
    Benefits of Networking for Small Business Owners

    3 Benefits Small Business Owners Get Through Networking

    Small Business

    Michelle Flandreau, Marketing VP at Guidant Financial discusses the endless benefits to connecting and networking with industry professionals for small business owners.

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    November 15, 2016
    Start a Business Before the End of the Year

    Top 4 Reasons to Start a Business Before the End of the Year

    Entrepreneurship | Small Business

    Not sure when to pursue your dreams of business ownership? Here are 4 reasons to do so before the end of the year.

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    November 09, 2016
    5 Mistakes to Make in the Hiring Process

    5 Ways to Attract the Wrong Candidates

    Small Business

    Marc Prosser, co-founder of Fit Small Business, discusses why hiring is one of the most important actions a business owner can take and 5 mistakes to avoid in the process.

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    November 07, 2016
    Low Cost Ways to Recruit Talent

    4 Low-cost Ways to Attract Talent

    Small Business

    Guidant Financial's Senior HR Business Partner, Jen Dai, discusses how to add perks to your small business recruiting process that won't break the bank.

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    November 03, 2016