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Client Success Video: Decorating Den | Video

Video Transcription

Bohnne Jones:

The best lesson I’ve learned as a small business owner is that you need to work on your business as much as working in your business. I get to make the decisions on how many hours I work and I’m a terrible workaholic. I get to hire the people I want to hire, do the marketing the way I want to do it.

In 2002, I was laid off for the first time after working in healthcare IT for 31 years. I found another position with a Software Development Company and 5 months later I was laid off again. I decided that I would buy my own business and it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

At a Nashville seminar I met Dan Aronoff with FranNet. He said I know the exact place that can help you and I was introduced to Guidant financial. They made it so easy for me. We did everything over the phone. I never had to meet with anybody. Packages were shipped to me directly.

I had interviews with attorneys on the phone, we talked about what my goals were, how much I wanted to initially finance my business with, they walk you through the entire process of buying a business, they make sure that you are set up for success. You are in business for yourself but you are not by yourself. That’s the great thing about Guidant financial.

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