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Client Success Video: Dry Fly Distillery | Video

Video Transcription

Don Poffenroth:

My name is Don Poffenroth and I am co-owner of Dry Fly Distilling in Spokane Washington.


Kent Fleischman:

I am Kent Fleischman I am the co-owner of Dry Fly Distilling.


I shared the idea with Kent and I said this is kind of what I’m thinking of, what do you think? And really approached Kent as being an investor, why do you come be an investor in this company. And I think Kent’s response after thinking about it for somewhere around 30 seconds was, “Well why don’t I just quit my job and I’ll move to Spokane and do it with you?”.


We had been fishing together for years and it seemed on every one of our fishing trips one of the things that we would talk about was “whats next?”.


We exceeded our expectations. I think we are way farther along then we thought we would be. But I think that at least personally when I jumped into this I knew we were going to be this successful.

You know would I do it again? Without question. Would I change anything we’ve done? Not at all .


I would say that my life is much better now then it ever was in the corporate world.


Guidant’s been easy to work with, its been simple. You know things happen when they’re supposed to happen we do what they ask us to do, and we peacefully co-exist and do our things. They do what they do well and we’re trying to do what we do well.


There was an agreement that all of the Guidant employee’s would only be drinking Dry Fly whenever possible.


Every Christmas party every social company event, if we find thats different then we’re going to have some serious issues.

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