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Small Business Success: ROBS 101 | Video

Video Transcription

Richard Hoad:

Good morning parsonage inn. Yes we have space.

I’d been involved in the corporate life for 30 odd years and I didn’t really want to be part of that any longer.

Jo-Anne Hoad:

I’m Jo-Anne Hoad.


And I’m Richard Hoad and we are the co-owners of the Parsonage Inn, in East Orleans; we’re about a mile and a half from Nauset Beach.


We traveled the world and had five children. We just felt it was time to do something.


It appealed to us to do a Bed and Breakfast, and there’s so many nice bed and breakfasts around and Cape Cod is just beautiful.


Ive always loved food and have been interested in cooking so for me it was a natural progression to come up here and try something new.


My experience working with Guidant has been nothing but positive. I originally found out about 401k rollovers from an agent and she was able to make some suggestions and that was one of the suggestions she came up with.

My experience working with Guidant has been very reassuring and very easy. They take you through all the different steps, if I ever I need to call them theyre very responsive, if I get a voicemail its within an hour or so I get a call back. Their online documentation is document is very easy to go through. It’s been a very easy process to manage something that I guess is pretty complex.

We took the business over in June 2012 and in the last four years we’ve almost doubled business, our revenue. And we’re hoping to grow it again this year about 10 or 15%.


One of the best parts of having your own business is being able to be together all the time and work together.


Yeah managing a business together which is great fun.


I have loved doing all the decorating, choosing the colors and linens, I love doing the garden. Being able to sit and do as I like to do, I love that.


Working together and meeting the guests I think is one of the most rewarding things. So many interesting people. So I’d definitely recommend Guidant to other people. The one piece of advice I’d give to other entrepreneurs is just go for it. If you’ve got an idea and you think its going to be successful. There’s a lot of things you have to think about but just say yes and go do it.

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