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Introduction to 401(k) Business Financing


Video Transcription

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about Guidant financial small business financing structure, 401(k) business financing also known as rollovers for business startups or ROBS. In this presentation, we will talk about the advantages of ROBS, explain how it works, compare it with traditional business financing and then introduce you to our small business financing experts who can help you get started today. Before we go on though, let us quickly explain rollovers for business startups.

Simply put ROBS allows you to invest your retirement funds into a business or franchise without taking a tax distribution or getting a loan. There won’t be any penalties and you can avoid begging a banker or having to pledge your first born child. Not only that, but ROBS can be an extremely powerful wealth building tool. Your retirement plan acts in effect as your angel investor, receiving stock in the business; stock that can generate incredible returns for your retirement account as your business grows. Perhaps because our clients are using their own money investing in themselves and starting a business debt free and cash rich. They are 63% more likely to succeed than traditional business owners. Take a look at how much overhead you are really taking on with many traditional financing methods compared to ROBS.

Another significant advantage of ROBS is that you can use it in combination with a host of other financing options. You can even use the funds as a down payment to help you get an SBA loan or other more traditional loans. And now here’s how it works; a new business entity or corporation is formed on your behalf, guide and creates a new 401(k) plan.

Our staff facilitates rolling up 100% of your retirement account into the new 401(k) plan without taking a tax distribution. Once the money transfers to the new 401(k) plan, the plan makes an investment into the corporation. The corporation debt free and cash rich can now purchase the business or franchise of its choice. Yep it’s that easy. Guidant small business financing experts are excited to help you figure out if ROBS is right for you. Call us at 8884724455. Let us help you make your dream of small business ownership a reality.

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