Businesses for Sale: 5 Resources to Find the Right One

Once you’ve made the decision to pursue business ownership, the next challenge is figuring out what business to buy or start. If starting your own independent business doesn’t interest you, there are loads of other business opportunities out there, from signing on with a franchise to buying an existing business or franchise.

To help you research and identify businesses for sale in your area, here’s a list of our favorite resources, including business directories, business coaches and franchise consultants:

Existing Business Directories

Buying an existing business allows you to analyze how that business has performed thus far to help you make projections as to its long-term worth. Click here to search businesses for sale in your area on BizBuySell.

Franchise Directories

Franchising allows you to take advantage of a proven business model while also having the freedom to be your own boss and call the shots. Visit BizBuySell to see a list of franchise opportunities available near you. 

Business Coaches and Franchise Consultants

Not sure what kind of business or franchise is right for you? Business coaches and franchise consultants exist to help you find that perfect fit. They’ll start by asking you about your goals, lifestyle and budget, and from there will introduce business/franchise opportunities that can help you achieve your short- and long-term dreams. They’ll also guide you through the transition from employee to employer to ensure you’re set up for success. Below are three notable business choaches/franchise consultants our clients love:

  1. The Entrepreneur’s Source business coaches
  2. FranNet franchise consultant network
  3. FranChoice franchise consultants

Want to Use ROBS to Start a Business?

Our step-by-step Guide to Rollovers for Business Startups is a complete handbook of everything you need to know about using ROBS to start or buy a small business or franchise.

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    Debt-free Financing?

    Discover Rollovers as Business Startups to start your business debt free.

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