The days of depositing hand-written letters at the post office and printing lengthy documents are fading as fast as new apps and text emojis are being created. From corner shops to multimillion-dollar corporations, everyone has gone – or is going – digital, diminishing the need for traditional business services such as printing/mailing and shipping. The arrival of the cloud seamlessly hosting enormous amounts of data further propelled business services into the digital universe, as did steep competition and the threat of more specialized business models.

The business services industry is worth $8.7 billion and comprises a mix of approximately 25,000 shops that offer products/services such as copying, packaging and labeling, printing, word processing, on-site PC rentals, facsimile, postal/shipping and mailbox rentals. The industry’s growth has been flat for the past several years but allows for opportunities that could challenge this outlook for a determined, tech-savvy entrepreneur.

Business Services Industry Infographic

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