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7 Ways Guidant Payroll Can Benefit You and Your Business

Discover how Guidant Payroll can transform your business, saving time and money.
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Small business owners know that you often have to wear more hats than you’d like — selling your goods and services, taking inventory, and payroll processing, among other tasks. But you didn’t start a business to do all the routine tasks alone. And you certainly don’t want to encounter payroll challenges regarding employee taxes or issues with direct deposits. After all, you have a limited number of business hours in your week, and payroll can be time-consuming, often taking approximately five hours each pay period while you process and pay. Mistakes can be costly, too — which we’ll get into more later.

What if you could find an affordable payroll option that would benefit you and your business? Many third-party payroll solutions are available to you, but it’s hard to know which one is best. Let’s explore Guidant Financial and its payroll services so you can see for yourself what makes Guidant Payroll stand out from the crowd of service providers.

New to payroll? Check out our Complete Guide to Payroll for Small Businesses to learn all the basics of managing payroll as a small business.

Payroll Options Aplenty

If you’re a small business owner who dreads payday due to the multitude of to-do items on your list, then using a third-party provider payroll solution like Guidant’s can help you set up your payroll and get back to business. Payroll is run in less than 20 minutes with free direct deposit, automated salary, and an employee self-service feature.

Guidant’s Payroll works with our other products and services, too; for instance, if you’re already using Rollovers for Small Business Start-Ups (ROBS), or 401(k) small business financing, then Guidant’s Payroll will seamlessly work with your ROBS compliance needs.

Here are the types of plans you can choose from:

  1. Core Payroll. Enjoy easy payroll processing, tax penalty protection, and timesheet uploads, among many other services. This is the best option for those looking for a supportive, self-service payroll solution.
  2. Premium Payroll. In addition to all the Core Payroll features, you’ll also get employee benefits deduction, workers’ comp administration, and more — including having access to your own dedicated payroll specialist.
  3. HR Support Center and HR On Demand. You can also choose to bundle your payroll plan with our HR Support Center or HR On Demand. With the HR Support Center, you get access to an HR policy library, law alerts, an employee handbook builder, and other HR forms and templates. HR on Demand gives you unlimited, on-demand support from Guidant Financial’s team of certified HR professionals.

7 Ways You – and Your Business – Benefit from Guidant Payroll

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As you can imagine, saving time is the top benefit. Think of the impact more time will have on your day and your business. You could spend that time networking and making future plans or setting goals that help drive your business’s success. Take a look at the cost-savings benefits and more here:

  1. Save Time and Money. With Guidant Payroll, businesses can drastically reduce the time spent on payroll processing — streamlining administrative tasks and making processing payroll a breeze. By offering full-service tax filings, Guidant Payroll eliminates the complexity of tax compliance, saving money on potential penalties and ensuring accuracy in financial management. Plus, the automatic payment feature simplifies the disbursement of wages, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of payment delays.
  2. Gain Agility. When you use Guidant Payroll services, you can easily scale your employees up or down. Whether you’re experiencing rapid growth and need to hire more staff or looking to downsize during slower periods, Guidant Payroll can accommodate these changes smoothly — and help you pay your employees faster.
  3. Access to Dedicated Expert Support. When you have a question, the answer is merely a phone call away. Our dedicated team of Guidant Payroll specialists can help you with whatever questions you have. When you complete payroll on your own, there’s no one to turn to for questions and answers.
  4. Integrate with Other Guidant Products. When you combine Guidant’s payroll services with other Guidant products like Bookkeeping & Tax or Rollovers for Small Business Startups (ROBS), you’ll reap the rewards of having everything seamlessly run with Guidant Financial. Taxes will be less complicated, and questions that affect multiple parts of your business will be answered with ease.
  5. Gain Recruitment and Hiring Support. The process for hiring a new employee or team member can be grueling. Guidant Payroll can help by offering a fully digital onboarding experience and recommend a third-party service for background check support and benefits provision.
  6. Streamline Rules and Regulations. If you’ve ever done payroll in the past, you know that you need to stay up to date on payroll withholding and coverage rules and regulations. They change from time to time and can be complicated. Guidant Payroll can manage these rules and regulations and keep you abreast of what you need to know. An example is the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) which covers Social Security, Medicare, and state unemployment insurance. If this isn’t managed perfectly, government fines could be imposed. Managing 401(k) plans is another area where errors are costly, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) could even audit you, if necessary. Think of the fines and fees associated with missing any of these rules and regulations — and then think about the peace of mind of using Guidant Payroll services.
  7. Bundle and Save. Bundle Guidant’s Payroll services with ROBS 401(k) Plan Administration services to save up to 10% on service charges. Take advantage of this offer to streamline your business operations and maximize savings.

Ready to learn more? Discover all that Guidant Payroll has to offer here.

Offering Trustworthy, Integrated Solutions

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have limited time and unlimited work. But, when you enroll in Guidant Payroll, you can save time and return to what you enjoy — running your business. If you’ve received small business funding from us in the form of ROBS or another type of financing, then you know you can trust you’ll be in compliance. You’ll also enjoy support when you need it. With Guidant Payroll, you’ll also benefit from services like tax rules and regulations management, as well as recruitment and hiring support. You have choices when it comes to your payroll services provider, but only one stands out. Contact our team today to learn more about Guidant Payroll at 425-289-3200.

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