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The 5 Top Pet Franchises of 2022

Interested in providing pet care or services for furry or feathered friends? Ready to be a franchise owner? Take a look at the top 5 pet franchises for 2022.

Pet ownership is popular, especially following the last two years of the pandemic. With many workers embracing the new work from home culture, “pandemic puppies” made their way into pet owners’ homes and hearts throughout the country. And it’s not just puppies. Cats, birds, and other pets are all the rage, too. All of these furry family members and feathered friends need services – from grooming services to pet products and food to doggy daycare and boarding. 

Some of these franchise brands may be familiar: Camp Bow Wow, Wild Birds Unlimited, and Dogtopia are just a few of the franchises we’ll detail below.

If you are an animal lover and have a passion for pets and are thinking about a franchise opportunity, keep reading. When it comes to pet franchises, some are better than others at giving back to their communities, engaging their customers, and providing top-notch customer service. That’s why we’ve done the research for you on the pet franchise industry to ensure you get the latest information on pet franchises that not only provide an opportunity for revenue, but also give back to their communities and receive consistently high ratings from franchisees, employees, and customers.

Let’s look at what makes these the top 5 pet franchises of 2022.

5. Wild Birds Unlimited

Wild Birds Unlimited is a pet store franchise that sells bird-feeding and bird-watching supplies. It’s also a franchise that receives an ‘A’ from FranchiseGrade.com. Its explosive growth, comprehensive support, and trusted model and brand are what puts Wild Birds Unlimited at the top of the pack for pet franchises. Birdseed, bird feeders/houses, and other nature-related gifts are the top products sold at Wild Birds Unlimited.

With 343 franchise locations in the United States, Wild Birds Unlimited has locations in 44 states. With their anticipated rapid future growth, if there isn’t one in your state, there likely will be soon.

Trusted Model, Low Turnover

Founded in 1981, Wild Birds Unlimited prides itself on its 35-year business model, as well as on-the-job and classroom training, marketing, and merchandising support, and a low franchiser turnover rate.

Embracing Diversity

The franchise also embraces diversity and provides extra support for women and veterans, ranking as a “top franchise for women and veterans.” 

Awards and a Stellar Reputation

Wild Birds Unlimited has earned several awards over the years from Franchise Business Review and Entrepreneur Magazine, among other publications. In fact, Wild Birds Unlimited ranked fourth overall for all types of franchises from the Franchise Business Review, and ranked first in the retail category in 2021.

Wild Birds Unlimited knows what it’s doing to help both its franchisers achieve success – and its customers happy and loyal.

Franchise Summary for Wild Birds Unlimited

  • Tried-and-true retailer offering birdseed, bird feeders and homes, and other wildlife-themed accessories and gifts.
  • Wild Birds Unlimited has a franchise fee of up to $40,000, with a total initial investment range of $170,382 to $281,606, according to the Wild Birds Unlimited website. The royalty fee is 4.0%
  • Wild Birds Unlimited receives a franchise grade of A, according to FranchiseGrade.com.

4. Hounds Town USA

Pampering Pooches in the NE

All of the pandemic puppies have to go somewhere when their pet owners travel or head into the office for a meeting, and that’s where Hounds Town USA comes into play. In addition to dog daycare and boarding, the franchise offers grooming and spa services (such as hypoallergic spa baths!) for your pampered pooch and sells other services such as cat boarding and a dog taxi to drop off your pet. Peace of mind for pet parents is definitely on the menu here. 

Growth Goals

To date, there are only 14 Hounds Town USA franchises open in the United States, and most are centered around the northeast region in states such as New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Pennsylvania. However, the franchise has a growth plan, and experienced 14% franchisee outlet growth in 2020, according to FranchiseGrade.com.

Founded by a former NYPD canine handler, Hounds Town USA claims a low cost of entry if you’re interested in starting a franchise. In fact, the franchising portion of its website says “40% of the investment of the competition.”

Here’s how that breaks down, according to FranchiseGrade.com:

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $49,000
  • Total Investment: $339,300 to $628,500

A Supportive Organization

Hounds Town USA prides itself on offering a pet franchise opportunity based on a strong business model with 20 years of service, as well as supportive services provided to its franchisees.

The franchise is also supportive of all types of dog breeds. While some dog daycares will not service breeds such as German Shepherds and Pit bulls, Hounds Town USA will not turn away or discriminate against any dog solely based on breed.

Strong Reputation

Hounds Town USA does not currently have any lawsuits filed against it. The franchise possesses a positive reputation and has received 2021 awards from Franchise Gator in the top 30 companies on the Top Emerging Franchises and Fastest-Growing Franchises list.  

Charitable Contributions

Hounds Town USA has embarked on a mission to save unwanted or abandoned dogs with its Hounds Town Charities Program. With this nonprofit program, President and Founder Michael Gould helps both people and animals. Gould says, “I used to go into shelters on the weekends, and I thought to myself ‘there are humans in similar situations that I could be helping as well.’” The charity helps shelters across the United States with programs and community services focused on dogs that are generally seen as having behavior issues and are hard to adopt.

Hounds Town USA Franchise Summary

  • The franchise offers dog daycare, grooming, and boarding, as well as cat grooming and pet taxi services.
  • The initial franchise fee is $49,000 with a total investment range of $339,300 to $628,500.
  • Royalty fees are 6%
  • Franchise Grade: A+
  • The company has an associated charitable organization.

3. Dogtopia

Award-winning Utopia for Canine Companions

Dogtopia touts its award-winning, first-class services such as daycare, overnight boarding, and canine spa services. With more than 180 locations throughout the United States, Dogtopia is the largest provider of dog daycare services in the country. The franchise is also set to open “400+ centers by 2024,” and claims the title of “fastest-growing franchise in the pet industry.”

You can read more about Dogtopia’s awards on the website, but it lists a range of awards from organizations such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Franchise Times magazine, and Franchise Business Review.

A Step Above

Dogtopia says its style of recreating indoor dog parks is what drives its success. The doggie daycares also include webcams so you can peek at your pup during the day and make sure they’re having fun. If you’re in a hurry, an employee can bring your dog out to you (in certain locations) at the end of your day. Additional services include booking via a mobile app, so Dogtopia truly is tech-savvy.

Franchisee Resources Aplenty

The franchise also provides tons of resources for franchisees, including:

  • An extensive training program
  • Strong tech platforms
  • Modern branding and positioning assistance (including key PR and social marketing partners)
  • Support from experienced leadership

Fetch It Forward Program

Dogtopia has its own charitable program called The Dogtopia Foundation’s Fetch It Forward program. The Foundation funds three programs, including those focused on service dogs for veterans, literacy programs for youth, and employment initiatives for adults living with autism.  

Dogtopia Franchise Summary

  • Dogtopia offers dog daycare, boarding services, and grooming services/spa services.
  • The initial franchise fee is $49,500, with a total investment range of between $543,193 and $1,489,801.
  • Royalty fees are 7%.
  • Franchise Grade: B
  • The company has a Fetch It Forward charitable program and a 10% veteran discount.

2. Camp Bow Wow

Another contender in the pet care services and retail franchises arena, Camp Bow Wow offers dog daycare, boarding, in-home care, and dog training, as well as retail sales of dog food and merchandise.

Pampering Plus

Camp Bow Wow not only provides climate-controlled play areas for your dogs but also webcams to monitor your pup, as well as CPR-certified employees in case your pooch has a medical emergency.

Locations Across the Nation

With more than 200 locations nationwide, there’s likely a Camp Bow Wow near you – especially if you live in the southern part of the country. Camp Bow Wows can be found in 34 states, according to FranchiseGrade.com.

Training and Accolades

When you franchise a Camp Bow Wow, you can expect training both in the classroom and on the job.

Accolades aplenty for this pet business, too, with awards from Entrepreneur Magazine and Franchise Innovation.

A Charitable Foundation

Bow Wow Buddies Foundation®is a nonprofit that helps provide funds to dog parents who have dogs with urgent medical care needs but can’t afford to pay the bills.

Camp Bow Wow Franchise Summary

  • Camp Bow Wow offers dog daycare, boarding, in-home care, and training, along with dog food and retail merchandise.
  • The initial franchise fee is $50,000, with a total investment range of between $859,644 to $1,118,817.
  • Royalty fees are 7%.
  • Franchise Grade: A
  • The company has a Bow Wow Buddies Foundation®

1. Pet Supplies Plus

When it comes to pet food and pet services, Pet Supplies Plus has its customers covered whether they’re looking to feed a dog, cat, fish, reptile, or another small critter. Pet parents can also receive grooming services for their dogs, as well as other supplies. There are also self-service dog-washing stations available at many locations, and customers can get pet prescriptions filled on their website and shipped or handed to them with curbside delivery. 

Heavily Populated in the South

Pet Supplies Plus has locations in 30 states, with a strong presence in the southern region of the United States. They also have a comprehensive website to place online orders so everyone can access their products. 

Early to the (Pet Franchise) Game

The franchise began in 1991, which was early for pet franchises as many didn’t come about until about until the 2000s. Pet Supplies Plus also provides comprehensive on-the-job and classroom training to franchisees, according to FranchiseGrade.com. 

Awards: Coming in on Top

Pet Supplies Plus has been number 1 in the pet franchise category on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 for the last 8 years! The franchise is also one of the “top 10 best Franchising Concepts,” according to Franchise Times’ 2021 Zor Awards.

Pet Supplies Plus Franchise Summary

  • Pet Supplies Plus offers a wide range of retail pet food and treats, as well as in-store grooming services and self-service dog-washing stations. 
  • The initial franchise fee is $$49,900, with a total investment range of between $439,870 and $1,317,725.
  • Royalty fees are 3%.
  • Franchise Grade: A

Financing a Pet Franchise

As you can see, the pet care business is booming, in everything from pet grooming services to boarding, food, and daycare. Pet lovers are out there, and the numbers prove it! Growth is explosive and turnover is low for most of these top franchises, and locations aplenty across the United States. This also means business opportunities are out there and ready for you.

If you’re someone with a serious love for pooches and a passion for small businesses, a pet franchise could be for you. Find out if you’re eligible for small business funding with Guidant Financial by pre-qualifying now. Wishing you a successful pet business! 

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