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Once your candidates are ready for small business funding, you’ll want to send them to someone you trust — and we think we’re that someone. At Guidant, we understand the care of your candidate is paramount to their success, so we’ll work to secure funding fast and dedicate a team of our finest professionals to see the deal through.

Full Suite of Small Business Funding Services

We offer a variety of business financing options, most of which can be combined to produce the total amount of desired startup capital.


401(k) Business Financing

401(k) Business Financing

Debt-free financing using retirement funds, with no tax penalties.

SBA Loans

SBA Loans

Clients can borrow up to $5 million in capital with this traditional loan.

Unsecured Loans

Unsecured Loans

Those who need fast funding may want to utilize this method, which requires no collateral to qualify.

Portfolio Loans

Portfolio Loans

This securities-based credit line option has zero credit requirements.

Equipment Leasing

Equipment Leasing

Clients can avoid the hassle of purchasing equipment enjoy the flexibility of leasing.

How it Works

Working with Business Brokers and Franchise Consultants

Why Business Brokers and Franchise Consultants Love Partnering With us

Prequalification Tool

Our proprietary system allows candidates to pre-qualify for funding in 5 minutes or less.

Financial Training Webinars

These online workshops help candidates understand their financing options.

Outside Counsel

Our funding packages come complete with time for your candidate to meet with an outside attorney.

Audit Protection

In the event your client is audited once their business is open, our expert legal team will support them 100%.


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