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Guidant Financial Brings Transparency to Understanding Business Value

The value of a business isn’t a simple number on a balance sheet and can’t be simply generated by small business accounting software. While it does take expertise and knowledge to determine the value of a business, understanding and knowing the value is extremely important. It can make a huge difference when you’re buying or selling a business, choosing the right amount of insurance coverage, or making other key business decisions.

Guidant Financial is committed to bringing transparency to the complex process of determining a business’s value. We’re reinforcing our mission of helping people succeed in small business by launching a new product suite that brings clarity and efficiency to the difficult process of buying or selling a small business, one of the most important moments to know a business’s value.

Determining a fair asking price that doesn’t undervalue years of hard work is one of the biggest challenges of selling a business while understanding the asking price is a blind-spot when buying one. Helping sellers determine and understand the right price for their business means closing deals with qualified buyers quickly. Thoroughly understanding the value of a business and the financing to purchase it gives buyers the confidence they need to close a deal.

“It’s difficult for small business owners to understand the true value of their business. Many either non-scientifically set the value or leverage tools that might give an unrealistic perspective – both of which are influenced heavily by emotion. The asking price can significantly aid or impair the exit, so getting it right is important. By doing so, the selling and buying process can be easier for everyone involved,” said David Nilssen, CEO of Guidant Financial. “Guidant already provides a valuation service to nearly 8,000 existing businesses annually. Now we’re bringing our expertise to help sellers find qualified buyers quickly, and buyers understand what they’re purchasing.”

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Small business owners need to feel confident that they’re paying the right price for the right business for them. According to Guidant’s 2019 Small Business Trends report, 20 percent of aspiring entrepreneurs said they hadn’t found the right business opportunity, preventing them from starting their business – the biggest challenge these entrepreneurs faced behind finding funding. Confidence is key to landing on the right opportunity, and our new products focus on providing information, education, and support to give clients that confidence.

New Valuation Solutions from Guidant

Throughout the lifetime of a business, there are numerous situations where a small business owner will need to know the value of their business. When buying or selling a business, choosing the right amount of insurance coverage, approaching taxable events, considering new funding opportunities or recapitalizing a business – these are all common situations where knowing the accurate value of a business is key. Our new solutions help small business owners find the right solution for their situation at the right price.

Guidant’s new products all include education from experienced professionals, allowing clients to learn how to grow their business value by understanding how value is determined and how it can affect business decisions.

“Guidant’s mission is to help people succeed in small business. We started by providing products and services to help finance the transaction – we know this is the #1 obstacle to small business ownership. We’re excited to expand to support the life of a business and beyond by offering a value-added service that helps small business owners more efficiently sell their business,” added Nilssen.

Business Valuations

Understanding the asking price is a blind-spot when buying a business. Guidant’s new business valuations bring our years of experience and expertise to take out the frustration and bring transparency to understanding the value of a business. With comprehensive reporting, education, and ongoing support, this new product makes buying, insuring, or selling a business easier.

Our Business Valuation product comes with an estimated business valuation, industry report, financing assessment, and the support of a dedicated valuation specialist.

Learn more about Business Valuations now.

Seller Suite

Determining a fair asking price that doesn’t undervalue years of hard work is one of the biggest challenges of selling a business.

“Time and again we hear from customers that their greatest fear is not getting enough money for the business they are selling, and from buyers that the price may not be justified. With Seller Suite, both parties can put their concerns at ease,” adds David.

Seller Suite is a new toolkit that provides the resources business owners need to determine a fair asking price for their business and attract qualified buyers. Selling a business is time-consuming and often frustrating. If an owner doesn’t have a buyer lined up who already understands the business, like an employee, the process becomes even harder. Finding, vetting, and selling to a total stranger can be a challenging slog, but Seller Suite makes a complex process more efficient and easy to move through.

Seller Suite includes our Business Valuation product and ongoing support from a dedication valuation specialist to help business owners understand the value of their business. The toolkit also comes with a custom business summary webpage, a sharable flier with business details, and tools to help qualify potential buyers such as a valuation for buyers, a financing assessment, and buyer funding qualification.

Learn more about Seller Suite now.

Certified Business Appraisals

Only certain situations like stock buybacks, business recapitalization, and some additional funding opportunities require a certified business appraisal, but an inaccurate appraisal could lead to higher taxes, missed opportunities, and lost cash. An appraisal by a Certified Valuations Analyst (CVA) is the gold-standard in valuation, an all-encompassing, robust solution that involves careful analysis, sorting through a complex process, and a thorough understanding of small business.

With over 8,000 businesses valued a year, Guidant is a great choice for that thorough understanding – you can put our expertise to work for you. We’re able to make the certified appraisal process even easier for those who are already Guidant clients by connecting their certified business appraisal to their Guidant profile – meaning that a good deal of required information is already in our system, leading to an easier, faster process.

Learn more about Certified Business Appraisals now.

Guidant Financial is dedicated to empowering small business owners. With these new offerings, we want to use our experience to make small business owners feel confident in their most important decisions. Ready to learn the value of your business? Get started now.

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