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Our Pledge to You

Guidant Financial takes an educational and transparent approach to small business and franchise financing. Our team of financing experts will help you understand your funding options and develop a personalized solution tailored to your businesses needs. We invest in your long-term success so you can create the life you want.

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Guidant Business Services

Everything you need to launch and run your business in one place.


Vendor Selection

What do I need to run my business? Will I be compliant? Am I paying too much?

Software Setup

Do I have to do it on my own? What if I set it up incorrectly? Are there hidden fees?

Ongoing Support

Can I talk to a person if I have questions? Will the software/support grow with my business?

You Didn't Start a Business to Spend Your Time Doing Administration Work

The time you have is limited. Don't spend it working with pushy sales people who are looking to sell you expensive add-ons you don't need, who then disappear when it's time to get your business setup right. Resulting in expensive cumbersome payroll burden.  We designed our payroll software specifically for the small businesses we help fund.


Still have questions about Guidant’s business services? We’re here to answer them.

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Service Selection

What do I need to run my business? How much should I pay? What do other businesses do?

Service Setup

How do I set up my services? What if I make a mistake and set them up wrong? Will it cost me money if I mess up?

Service Support

Can I talk to a real person when I have questions? Do they understand my business and what it needs?

You Didn’t Start a Business for the Administrative Work

Use your limited time to build a thriving business, don’t waste it on tedious administrative chores. Our services and partnerships get you started right and give you the time you need to focus on what’s important: growing your business. Having helped launch over 25,000 small businesses, Guidant knows your needs. That’s why we designed our services to help you maximize your revenue and minimize your costs.


401(k) Plan Administration & Compliance 

Worry-Free Compliance
Our in-house experts handle the checks and balances that the IRS requires for you to access retirement funds tax and penalty-free so you can launch or grow your small business. With us, you don’t have to worry about compliance, so you can spend your time focusing on running your business.

Industry-Leading Service
The largest provider of Rollovers for Business Start-ups in the nation, Guidant has helped launch over 25,000 small businesses. We’re the leading ROBS experts, which means we know exactly how to keep your 401(k) plan safe, secure, and compliant.

Full Audit Protection
It’s rare for a 401(k) plan to be audited, and Guidant has the lowest audit rate in the industry. Your confidence in your 401(k) plan compliance is our top priority. That’s why, in the rare event of an audit of your 401(k) plan, we pay for your legal representation from start to finish. 


Payroll Services  

Simplify Your Payday
Set and forget your payroll. You can run your payroll in under 20 minutes with robust features like automated salary, free direct deposit, and easy-to-use employee self-service

Save Time and Money
Spent your time focusing on growing your business. Benefit from automatic payments, take advantage of full-service tax filing, and avoid manually entering payroll data. 

Dedicated Expert Support
Your team of experts is just a phone call or email away. Guidant’s payroll specialists have the expertise and knowledge you need to answer your questions and support your business.


Reduce Your Effort & Grow Your Business with Guidant

401(k) Plan Administration
Our in-house team of 401(k) plan experts works with you to design and set up a customized plan for your business. We handle the checks and balances needed to make sure you’re always IRS-compliant.

Guidant Payroll
Our payroll services save you time, effort, and money by integrating directly with our 401(k) plan platform. Avoid time-consuming data entry and paperwork while offering your employees intuitive self-service.

Guidant Accounting & Tax
Our accounting and tax professionals understands your business. With regular check-ins, proactive support, and best-in-class reporting, you’ll save time and effort while learning how to maximize your profit. 

Guidant HR
With our HR services, you don’t waste time worrying about staying in compliance. Guidant HR offers robust resources, on-demand support, and expert HR professionals that always have your back. 

We’re here to support you with more than just financing. We’re here for the life of your business. That’s why our ongoing services are designed to help make it easy to maintain and grow your small business long after you’ve been funded.

Accounting and Tax Services  

Save Time and Money
Spend time growing your business instead of slogging through paperwork. With our team of automation experts, we’ll help you cut out extra work, so you can focus on what matters the most: the success of your business.

Proactive, Expert Support
You’ll benefit from regular check-ins with an experienced support team who have seen it all. Our team of accounting, tax, and Quickbooks experts cover all major industries, nationwide.

Make Better Decisions
With our best-in-class financial reporting and industry benchmarking, you’ll eliminate the guesswork from key business decisions. Understand how and where you can improve your business performance with these insights.


Business Valuation Solutions

Business Valuations
When all you need to know is what the business you’re buying or selling may be worth. Choose a business valuation for handshake agreements or getting the right insurance coverage
Learn More >

Seller Suite
When you’re looking to sell your business, we have the tools for you. Also includes valuation specialist support and marketing content to help attract and engage qualified borrows.
Learn More >

Certified Appraisals
When you want to recapitalize your business, get an SBA loan, perform a stock buy-back, or have a taxable event, you’ll want a valuation from a certified professional.
Learn More >

You need to know the value of your business, but aren’t sure where to start. What type of valuation and support do you need to get the job done? We’re here with the right valuation tools for any of your needs.

Get Expert Small Business Support with Guidant
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Need help getting your business’s doors open? Ready to get tedious administrative work off your plate? We have everything you need to launch, run, and grow your business, all in one place. With over 25,000 small businesses launched, Guidant understands your needs. 

Investment Management
With our industry-leading investment management partners, you can feel confident in your business’s retirement plan. We’ll connect you to top firms so you can rest assured that your 401(k) plan will thrive.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Most US states require your business to have worker’s compensation insurance – so why not pick a plan that integrates seamlessly to your payroll services? Guidant’s business services provide you with a one-and-done approach that lets you focus on running your business.

Health Insurance
With the largest selection of online plans in the industry and top-rated support, you can build the best insurance plan for your business and your employees with our insurance partner. You’ll avoid broker fees, apply quickly and easily, and ensure you have access to the most affordable options.

Time Keeping
Access best-in-class digital timekeeping tools at a discount with our industry-leading partner. Schedule, track, and manage your workforce’s hours and schedules simply and efficiently. 

We’re the experts.
We’ve helped over 25,000 small businesses get started right, more than any other provider in the industry. With our full suite of small business financing options and robust selection of business services, we know what you need to run a successful business.

We’re with you.
We’re invested in the life of your business. We’ll help you launch with financing, manage and grow your business with Guidant’s Business Services, and be there for you when you’re ready to sell with our Business Valuation Solutions. We’re committed to your long-term success.

We’ve got your back.
We’re committed to your satisfaction, which means we want to see you succeed. Each of our business services comes with a full guarantee. If we don’t meet your expectations, we will do what it takes to make it right.

Why Work With Guidant?

Business Valuation Solutions

Business Valuations
Need to know the worth of the business you’re buying or selling? Business valuations help you understand a business’s value for handshake agreements or finding the right insurance coverage.
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Seller Suite
We have the tools for you when it comes time to sell your business. Seller Suite includes support from a valuation specialist and marketing assets, so you can attract and engage qualified borrowers.
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Certified Appraisals
When it’s time to get an SBA loan, perform a stock buy-back, recapitalize your business, or have a taxable event, you’ll want an appraisal from a certified professional.
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Don’t know where to start to figure out the value of your business? We’re here with the right valuation tools so you can get the best type of valuation and support to get the job done.