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Seller Suite - Payment

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What’s Included in Your Seller Suite Toolkit


Valuation Report + Supporting Materials

Business Valuation

Business Valuation Material:

Buyer Tookit

Tools for Potential Buyers

A Hassle-Free Approach to Selling a Business

We understand how frustrating it can be when selling a business doesn’t go as planned. Our Seller Suite makes selling a business more efficient by providing the information needed to accurately value your business and the resources to attract qualified buyers.

For $595, here is what you will receive as part of your Seller Suite toolkit:

The Business Valuation Methods

The methods for calculating a business’s value depend on the business and scenario. We make sure to explain them in clear language so you feel knowledgeable about how to influence you business value in the future.

Weighted Estimated Value

The weighted value is a mix of the five other methods. Calculated with a weighted valuation formula.

Asset Approach

The asset method estimates price based on the value of the business’s assets minus liabilities.

Market Approach

The market method uses the previous sale prices of comparable business to estimate value.

Discounted Cash Flow

The discounted cash flow method is based on the future value of a business translated into today’s money, using a discount rate.

Capitalization of Earnings

The capitalized of earnings method is based on the future value of today’s earnings, using a capitalization rate.

EBITDA Multiple

The EBITDA method calculates the business’s potential value ceiling.

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