Finding Your Work-Life Balance

As an entrepreneur, finding the perfect work-life balance is akin to finding a unicorn. Advances in technology make it difficult to separate work and home life as we are constantly connected. Challenging though it may be, there are tricks to finding harmony between the office and home.

Love What You Do

Finding passion in your work makes any job more exciting and fulfilling, and owning your own business should be no exception. Doing a job that brings you joy will keep you devoted, even throughout the most menial tasks.

If your primary concern is taking time away from family, make sure your family is on board. Have an honest and open conversation about the time you expect to be away from home. Chances are, your family will support you, but make certain to respect the needs of all parties.

Finally, put boundaries in place for yourself. Know when to put the work away and focus on life outside of the office. While those important to you in your personal life may have signed off on your endeavors, it’s important to show up for them when they need you.

Love the Ones You’re With

Hiring a team of hard-working and equally passionate individuals (who you actually enjoy working with) is a crucial step in finding that unicorn. As important as it is to be passionate about what you do, it’s also important to enjoy the people you work with.

Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks, that’s what the team is there for. As mentioned in the post The Mompreneur’s Guide to Motherhood and Business Ownership, relying on the team you’ve hired and trained frees up time to attend to the most important things in your personal life. These trusted employees and colleagues can also offer support as sounding boards and problem solvers. No one person can do everything alone, so lean on the people you entrust the inner workings of your company with!

Love New Technology

While smartphones may be the reason you’re constantly connected to your work, it can also be a saving grace when it comes to scheduling time for yourself. Simplifying even the most mundane tasks with scheduling apps like Daily Agenda, or MyLifeOrganized.

Adversely, know when to unplug. Answering emails from the dinner table is distracting and takes away from time spent with those most important in your life. Developing a stronger habit of resilience will give you a greater sense of control over your life. More control = less stress.

Love Your Freedom

Being the boss means making choices. If an important client meeting cuts into personal time, that’s your decision to make. However, if you need a break, you can make vacation your priority. Not only will you feel more stable, but your employees will have the support of a leader who understands prioritizing needs.

Finding time for self-care is also a significant, yet overlooked necessity. Exercise not only improves physical condition, but it’s imperative for maintaining mental fitness and reducing stress. As easy as it is to skip the gym, your professional life can seriously reap the benefits of a quick 30 minutes on the treadmill. Meditation is another way to combat stress, by activating the body’s natural relaxation response. There are several tactics, such as focusing on breathing, visualization, and calming music, that assist in the act of meditation that are not terribly time consuming.

Success is defined differently for each person. While starting your own business is a risk, the reward can be overwhelming. If you’ve been hitting the pavement full throttle, start to step back gradually to ease your way back into a more balanced routine. Finally, don’t be afraid to lean on your support systems both at home and at the office. No one person can do everything on their own, and they are there for you.

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