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Why 2018 Is the Right Time to Start A Business

By: Guidant Financial | January 24, 2018

For those who want to start a business for themselves, one of the biggest decisions besides what kind of business to buy is when to make the leap. It can be nerve-wracking to think of leaving a secure job and income to endure the risks (and rewards) of business ownership. Fortunately, the stars

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6 Little-Known Advantages of C Corporations

By: Guidant Financial | January 8, 2018

C corporations, which are required for 401(k) business financing, have many benefits that make them the business entity of choice for some tax professionals, including a lowered corporate tax rate under the 2018 tax reform legislation. In the process of using your retirement funds to open a

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Franchise Spotlight: Big Frog Custom T-shirts

By: Guidant Financial | December 19, 2017

Big Frog was founded in 2007 and has been offering franchises since 2008. Based in Florida, Big Frog is a custom-design t-shirt company with 80 franchises in the country as of 2017. Big Frog promotes itself as a creative and fun environment for franchisors, and advertises as “not just a business,

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