Guidant Announces 2016 Capital Pledge: $410 Million

At Guidant, we know that small businesses are the backbone of many local economies. We’re committed to fueling America’s small business engine, and that’s why, for the second year in a row, we’ve announced a capital pledge to reinforce our mission. This year, we’re pledging to help entrepreneurs secure $410 million in small business financing by the end of 2016.

Here’s the impact we expect $410 million in business financing would have on the economy, based on an Economic Impact of Franchised Businesses report:

  • Add approximately 22,272 U.S. jobs.
  • Generate $1.4 billion toward overall GDP.
  • Produce $2.3 billion in economic output.

This new goal raises the bar from last year, when we surpassed our pledge to deploy $350 million in capital, ultimately helping approximately 2,000 entrepreneurs secure $382 million via our full suite of business financing solutions.

“Faces of $410 Million” Campaign

As part of our new capital pledge, we’re also launching a campaign that we hope will encourage America to shop small and support local businesses every day. Through our “Faces of $410 Million” campaign, we’ll be highlighting some of the small businesses we’ve helped fund over the years. Stay tuned to Guidant’s website, blog and social media channels to meet these inspiring entrepreneurs and learn about their journeys to small business ownership, starting in the next few weeks.

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