Guidant Celebrates $350 Million Deployed in Small Business Financing

Here at Guidant, we’re committed to increasing the number of people who succeed in small business. To cement that mission, we announced an ambitious pledge in January to deploy $350 million in small business funding by the end of 2015 – a big leap from the $290 million we put to work in 2014. As of Dec. 1, we’re thrilled to announce we met the $350 million mark one month ahead of schedule!

Nearly 2,000 entrepreneurs invested more than $357 million in small businesses and franchises in 2015 using Guidant’s services, including Rollovers for Business Start-ups (ROBS)Small Business Administration loans and unsecured credit. Guidant estimates this $357 million infusion could have the following impacts on the economy:

  • Adding up to 18,457 U.S. jobs
  • Creating $960 million toward overall GDP
  • Producing $1.6 billion in economic output

A special shoutout to Tisha Rosamond and Shannon Van Meter, the sister entrepreneur duo who pushed Guidant over the $350 million mark. They used Guidant’s ROBS arrangement to recapitalize their existing Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise with their retirement funds. With ROBS, they were able to do pay down their SBA loan while continuing to make the custom cakes they’re known for.

Since 2003, Guidant Financial has helped 11,000 entrepreneurs invest more than $3 billion into their dream businesses. Are you ready to join them? Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation or take two minutes to see which financing options you’re eligible for using our easy pre-qualification tool.

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