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Request For Extension IRS 5558

The Form 5558 is an Application for Extension of Time to File Certain Employee Returns providing up to 75 additional days to create and electronically file the Annual Form 5500. The Internal Revenue Service will send an official confirmation of receipt for your IRS Form 5558. Please know that this confirmation will come by U.S. Mail, and it could arrive many weeks or even months after Guidant submits the extension form on your behalf. As with all IRS correspondence, this receipt confirmation should be kept indefinitely with your personal records.

Guidant will automatically prepare and submit the Form 5558 on your behalf.  Effective January 1, 2024, we charge $149-$179 (depending on your plan section) to file a form 5558 for clients who are unable to provide us their year-end documentation by the specific document return date.

With the filing of the extension, your final filing deadline for electronically signing the Form 5500 will be increased by two and a half months. There are no negative ramifications for filing in the extension period, however, we always need your Year End documentation at least 60 days before the final filing deadline.

How do I avoid paying for a Form 5558?

If you return your complete year-end documentation and corporate summary to us within the first five months after the end of your plan year (reference ‘Document Return Date’ column in deadline table), you will not be charged for filing a Form 5558, even if one is required.

What if I return my documentation within the first five months after the end of my plan year, but still require a Form 5558?

If you returned your information within the required time frame, it’s likely that your Form 5500 is ready to file. You should electronically file your Form 5500 as soon as it is available. If your Form 5500 is not ready, we will file the Form 5558 and you will not be charged.

Our goal is to submit information that is 100% accurate to the federal regulating authorities. This extension is a valuable tool in helping us achieve that goal due to the busy schedule of business owners like you. If you have any questions regarding the IRS Form 5558 or the annual recordkeeping process in general, please visit the Client Portal or email us at [email protected].
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